So, I’ve been having some problems writing lately.

I was about to say I have writer’s block, but upon some reflection I’ve realized it isn’t that at all. I know everything that I’m going to write next. I know how to write it. I know what the characters are feeling.

My problem is I just don’t want to go there.

It takes real soul searching to be able to describe what a character should be feeling at any particular moment. And the thing is, my next chapter is depressing. It’s depressing for my character, and putting myself in her shoes is depressing for me. I have to really make myself feel what she is feeling if I want to write effectively. And it sucks. I don’t want to go there.

I want to believe that once I force myself through the tunnel that my character and I will eventually see the light and it will be worth it. But today it just feels hard. A lot of what I write about comes from personal experience and reliving certain things is mentally and emotionally exhausting.

If you have any tips to help me push past this, please share.


2 thoughts on “Unease

  1. This is always a hard thing to tackle. Writing can be emotionally draining. I have a book of smut that I write alongside my WIP. Something fun, meant for only my eyes. Something I can play and experiment with. That helps. Sometimes it isn’t enough. I reward myself for pushing through those hard spots. That helps too. Often, once I am in the midst of writing the scene I have been dreading, I get caught up in it and it becomes easier, but I have a hard time convincing myself of that before I start.


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