Growing as a person

Sometimes I wonder if people stop growing simply because they’ve aged and they are who they are, or because everyone else is too tired to help them grow anymore.

What age is too old to continue to correct poor behaviour? How often do you hear someone say something mean/stupid/racist etc. and then hear someone else say “that’s just how they are” or “that’s how they were raised” as if that’s an excuse? If a child says something mean, every adult in earshot will jump at the chance to say “No! We don’t say things like that. That’s mean.”

So why does this stop? Why do we decide that once a person is an adult we aren’t allowed to explain to them why something they said or did was inappropriate? Why do we assume that person even realize what they’ve said?

In high school if a friend of mine did something I didn’t like, they would hear about it, and vice versa. Now, I find that my friends would rather tell me in private about how so-and-so was so rude when we were out and don’t I agree because omg! When does it stop being acceptable to say “hey, that’s kind of offensive.”

Sure, there are times when a person knows exactly what they’re saying or doing and doesn’t care if it bothers someone. But what about the times a person genuinely doesn’t know they’ve offended you? Why can’t we tell them? And even if the person intended to hurt you, that doesn’t mean they should get off scot-free. Maybe a polite challenge will stop them from doing the same thing to someone else.

If we stop telling each other the truth and stop listening we stop growing. I believe you can teach and old dog new tricks. We shouldn’t give up on others and definitely shouldn’t give up on ourselves. Take in the world around you and always keep growing.